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Youth (5 yrs. - 8th Grade) 


Adult (9th grade or older)


Tuition and Make Up Policy

Tuition is non-refundable and non-exchangable.

We offer make up classes as a service to students when health or scheduling conflicts prohibit them from attending class.  There is a $6 fee to schedule a makeup class.

Acceptable scheduling conflicts are education (e.g. science fair, school performance, sat test), job (e.g. business trip, mandatory meetings), or serious family (e.g. weddings, funerals, the students birthday).  I DO NOT offer make up classes If, rather than attend class, the student decides to attend a friend or relative’s birthday party, family outing, go shopping, attend a sporting event, or any other casual activity.

Before you miss a class, 24 hour notice is preferred, a 12 hour notice is required.   (except extreme situations including weather or health.)  This will allow us to make that easel available to someone else who needs to make up a class.

No more than one make up per session (4 weeks) and 7 per year.  I will only honor one make up at a time. You must make up the class you missed before you can schedule another make up class.

If you schedule a make up class, and miss it, that class is forfeited. 

We do not credit missed drawing classes to future sessions.

You can make up the art class you miss any time as long as you are enrolled as a full time student and tuition is current.